Lincoln-Douglas Debate
High School (7th-12th)




General Speech Rules

Debate Rules 2018

Along with the LD Debate, we are adding 2 other speech events (Persuasive & Informative) to the day. Please email nancy@gicaasports if you have any suggestions or ideas on this!

The 2018-2019 Lincoln-Douglas Value Resolution:
Resolved: When in conflict, governments should value fair trade above free trade.

The format of the round is as follows:
• Affirmative Constructive- 6 minutes
• Cross-Examination- 3 minutes
• Negative Constructive- 7 minutes
• Cross-Examination- 3 minutes
• First Affirmative Rebuttal- 4 minutes
• Negative Rebuttal- 6 minutes
• Second Affirmative Rebuttal- 3 minutes
Prep time: Each debater is allowed 5 minutes of preparation time, which they may use at
their discretion

Persuasive Speech (using NCFCA rules and Rubric)

Informative Speech (using NCFCA rules and Rubric)